My Blaze Product Review

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My Blaze Product Review

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A Little background first. I am a 50 year old male who works in the computer industry. I am not spiritual or energy sensitive or anything like that but more a logical sceptic type. I bought a cheap Radionics machine (Welz JU1000) a while back (2 yrs), thinking the whole Chi-Gen thing was probably bogus and all of the forum reviews were by gullible people who willed themselves to believe something was happening when it wasn’t. The device had an Orgonite coupling attachment on it, so I thought I would wear it around my neck on a piece of string the day I got it. Bad idea, I fell asleep on my back with it laying on my chest and when I woke I was over loaded with Chi Energy. It was a feeling like a mild trembling throughout my whole body, something like traumatic shock but not as intense (I looked it up and found it is refer to as Chi-Burn). Anyway I took it off and spent the rest of the day calming my body down. So there does appear there is something to this Rad-Energy.
So I have run various Trends on the JU1000 and I think some have produced results but hard to know for sure.
The first Radionics device that I believe worked for me without much doubt was a free Paper Radionics device from Blaze. I had some specialized old tech gear I had not touched for some time and set a trend for a buyer to emerge (I thought I really should get rid of this stuff but who is going to want it?). A few days later I receive a call from a college I had not heard from in a year who gave me a contact who was looking to do a project that requires this type of equipment. Odd, obscure, out of nowhere and exactly what I had set the device to produce.
Now I own a few of Blaze’s products which I have listed at the end but the one that really stands out so far is the “Superman Blueprint”. When I opened this on my computer screen I got a sensation in my Pec muscles. This was not imagined as I wasn’t thinking about pecs or muscles in general and then I thought “Oh that feels funny”. It still happens every time although I’m a bit more used to it now. I don’t workout much these days, maybe once a week. Well you know how you look good all pumped up after a workout but two days later your back to your old self. Not this time, one week later (put the sigil up on screen for a time each day) and I still look like I did just after the workout. (I think I might have to go to the beach). Funny how so far I have had the most success from two products I got for Free. [Thanks Blaze]
I recently (since this forum was created) purchased several of Blaze’s products and was lucky enough to win a “King Midas” in the competition.
I haven’t had much time yet using them but if anything “blows my mind” (I am still a sceptic, sorry) I’ll post a report here.
Here is what I have so far:
Radionics Booster Extreme, Fountain of Youth, Self Improvement Set, Male Enhancement, The 9 Seeds of Power, King Midas and free ones from Blaze.
Thanks again Blaze.

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Re: My Blaze Product Review

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Great post! Hope you'll get more results that you would share :)

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