Astro Caster Paper Radionics System

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Astro Caster Paper Radionics System

Post by Garathuul »

Hi all, I have bought Astro Caster Paper Radionics System over a month ago, and have experimented with it and its Extras in a few ways, so I think its good time to let You all know what I found out. But since I have a tendency to rant about things, the first thing is:

TLDR: 8.8/10, Would reccomend it to anyone who is not a total novice at radionics etc. The casters are doing their joob quickly and effectively.

Why not 10/10?
-1 point is because of the fact that, in my experience the trends set/casters were not working/not as effective when I was not looking at them. I figured I could always scale casters down to have many of them on one piece of paper/file and look/use many of them simultaneously, but with the way I use them (''Gigatrends'' ''Megatrends'') it was watered down when they were too small to see.
-0.2 point is because of the results did not always come in the visualized/expected ways. But since Blaze have told us about the fact that the casters work in a quite ''raw'' mode, it could be somewhat expected I think? that and the way the protection is working. Plus I reaaaly have a thing for number 8, so it may influenced the final score from me.

Wtf are Megatrends and Gigatrends?
I have told You I have a thing with number 8. So the ''Megatrend'' would be 8 trends on one topic/ trend boosted ''looped'' many times etc and casted as one trend.
And ''Gigatrend'' would be 8x8=64 trend(s) casted as one trend. ''Hipertrend'' would be 512 etc, though I have not use it yet, because of Gigatrends was sometimes too big for me to have an effects. Maybe If I will do more experiments with resolution etc I will find out the way.

Why I would not reccomend it to total novices?
Well its because one should know all of said planet(s) associations both Vedic and western(astrology) I can tell you guys one example of how the caster worked with me In a ''raw'' and ''unexpected'' way: I have tried to attract an older women(''milf'') The Moon is asociated with older women in astrology, so I set the trends within the moon caster. It ended up in my mother (the moon) attracting a girl in my age towards me.

The caster work perfectly with seals of Solomon/ some trends of my own etc, and also the extra sigils added to Caster are just what I needed/looked for(The adderal simulator for example) so thats why +8,8 points

I really would like to have an extraSaturnian planets(Neptune, Uranus and Pluto) casters. and I would like to have Rahu/Ketu (Lunar nodes, also a planets in Vedic astrology) casters also. Great product overall. I honestly reccomend it to anyone who is reading this and have at least some knowledge and experience with astrology and psionics/radionics, or overall ''Occultism''

Great work Blaze, it is worth every penny spend on it

Cheers guys, Garathuul

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Re: Astro Caster Paper Radionics System

Post by madladboris »

Hey! Great review. Thanks for sharing. Can toy please tell
1. If I can use it to attract a specific person towards me
2. If I can use it to attract wealth.
and if your results for the following, if you may have used for these cases.

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