Lesser known gems and their uses

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Lesser known gems and their uses

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Base Attributes: strength, fortitude, friendship, creative thinking.
Healing: Shields the body from the effects of electromagnetic frequencies, resonates with calcium so can be used to treat/prevent osteoporosis, tooth decay, and calcification.
Can be used to integrate masculine and feminine energies. Useful for gaining broader perspective.

Base Attributes: stimulate metaphysical abilities, stimulates the pineal gland, awaken spiritually.
Healing: resonates with calcium and phosphorus, helps with kidney function, bone growth and heal/preserve nerve tissue.
Can be used to balance the brain’s hemispheres and stimulating neurotransmitters.

Base Attributes: stimulate the third eye, happiness, mental clarity, raises self-esteem.
Healing: treat eye problems, soothe throat infections, energetically strengthens the heart, detoxify the liver.
Can be used to contact spiritual beings and has a strong connection with the angelic realm.

Brandenberg (probably the best crystal you can have)
Base Attributes: multidimensional healing tool, Contains the energetic resonance of Amethyst, Smoky, and Clear Quartz, releases entities, karmic cleanser, protects against psychic attack.
Healing: cellular healing, resets your immune system response to optimum.
Can be used to aligns all systems of the body to optimum functioning and bring forth your perfect self on the physical and spiritual planes.

Base Attributes: removes toxic energy, karmic healing, energetic purifier, transmutes destructive and blocked emotions.
Healing: detoxifies and alleviates fluid retention, cleanses the lymphatic system, heal respiratory infections and breathing difficulties caused by inflammation.
Can be used to cleanse your aura by simply bathing in it.

These are just a few, there are dozens, some you probably haven't even heard of.
I will add more stones to the list. So, to be continued.
Feel free to add to the list or make amendments.
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