Method to put Tobacco into use

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Method to put Tobacco into use

Post by Garathuul »

I had a glimpse of inspiration today, and decided to share this method here.

So, to avoid rambling, here is the procedure:

Charge Your Ciggaretes, tobbaco with intent/trend/mantra when You inhale the smoke You charge Your self with this intent, when You exhale You are stimulaneously "casting into ether" and "letting it go"

I have just started doing it, but I "know" its gonna work, probably even morę with fire/air elements related things
Which fills the hole (for water and earth elements You obviously just drink and eat)

I smoke my my own hand- made Ciggaretes, so i just spread tobbaco over mantra, then roll charged tobbaco into a cig, then grab those Ciggaretes i just made and charge them again, with the same mantra.

I do not advise anyone to start smoking or anything like that, but If You are already a smoker IT could be a good way of getting something useful from that habit. Also I guess The Native Americans did not smoke tobbaco without any reason. Sure, they probably have a different idea while smoking, but still, inhaling and exaling any intent on that way looks like a great idea to me

Cheers, Garathuul

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