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Any material related to Radionics, Psionics, magick, Healing or anything topic that you would like to discuss.

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New Content

Post by Blaze.ChaosMG »

Hi everyone.

It has been pointed out that we need some new content for the forum, specifically educational material.
So I'm asking all of you to contribute what info you can.
I am also offering an incentive for anyone that post a minimum of 5 topics and a second at 20 topics, info below.

  • Must be new content not previously discussed/covered on this forum or should be more extensive than what is currently available.
  • Each new post must be created under a new topic in a relevant board.
  • Each topic must be sufficiently educational for any level practitioners.
  • Please no material that would violate someones copyright.
Incentives: PM me after requirement is met and I will check your posts, If they are all satisfactory, you'll receive;
After 5 topics, one of my personal sigils called the Thought Cannon, It is used for turning thought into intent, I use it to create intent from my vague/abstract ideas and thoughts, it's been very useful but does come with several restrictions to ensure safety.

After 20 topics, you can select any one item available from the PsionicMagick store.

Additionally, anyone that makes any significant contribution to any topic, minimum 10 times will also be eligible for the Thought Cannon sigil and should also PM me for review.

This offer will begin from this moment and will be available indefinitely.
I may add additional incentives and will distribute it based on user participation from today onward.

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