Hybrid Love Spell Sigil

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Re: Hybrid Love Spell Sigil

Post by Witness »

Can we use multiple sigils at once? I desire relationships with several people right now and I want to have feelings of attraction for all of them in varying degrees. So I printed out 5 and plan on using them at the same time on and off so feelings will only be semi permanent. I also wanted to know if this sigil can be applied for friendship. Some people I don't actually want to fall in love with but wish to create a greater bond and loyalty even. Can we use this sigil to create and strengthen friendships since some of the greatest friendships are rooted in love or is this strictly for romance?

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Re: Hybrid Love Spell Sigil

Post by Blaze.ChaosMG »

Yes, you can use multiple copies at once, targeting different people.
It is possible to use the sigil to form bonds other than the romantic kind but you will have to experiment with the durations you transmit until you find the right amount.

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Re: Hybrid Love Spell Sigil

Post by Magic Mike »

anyone have any reviews on how this effects your targets?
I don't have any chicks to try this on since I lost my job last month and just been on a job hunt/working on open source projects but I set the Hybrid Love Spell Sigil up on a chick I was working with before I quit but havnt been able to see her all month to check results.

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Re: Hybrid Love Spell Sigil

Post by j182razor »

Has anyone else experienced benefits or noticed results from this?

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Re: Hybrid Love Spell Sigil

Post by bird12345 »

Did several friends of the girls who had Boyfriends or been in a fight. In the beginning there was a small result, but after a while my relationship has deteriorated with these girls, I became quite uninteresting, began to avoid communication with me. In the end, these girls were the guys and which were the quarrel made up with their Boyfriends. At the moment two girls were married, and I was completely wrong relationship with women. Though sigils work by this author, but a hybrid spell that's on me worked.

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Re: Hybrid Love Spell Sigil

Post by poker_player »

Tried 3 times on different girls.
One I knew it was hard to get.
Two are colleges, no boyfriend... Though would be a slam duck.

But no results.
Too bad :(
I really needed this kind of spell in my life.

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Re: Hybrid Love Spell Sigil

Post by Piyush786 »

Hello can we use hybrid sigil on computer and save the image in it is still work after off computer??

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Re: Hybrid Love Spell Sigil

Post by Anderson »

In Photoshop, I inserted my photo and the photo of the girl with the dates of birth, printed it out and put it in the closet. What is the effect-the relationship with the girls somehow began to deteriorate, or perhaps I myself was so screwed up. It took so 1-3 months, and specifically with this girl I did not notice any positive result, as a result, I tore the sigil. After a while, I printed it out in A5 format and began to keep the sigil near me for a longer time, if possible. The effect appeared about a month later, the girl somehow began to communicate more positively with me and make contact. Initially, I did not attach any importance, I thought that it somehow happened by itself, some combination of circumstances, or just she wanted to resume communication because of boredom. Still, the sigil was torn, and gradually the communication deteriorated. I am not 100% sure that the effect was from the sigil, as it is very difficult for me to understand whether it was from the sigil or just a short-term confluence of circumstances.

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