My results with Lord Surya sigil and 9 seeds of power

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My results with Lord Surya sigil and 9 seeds of power

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Hello all,
Hope you all are fine in these times of COVID and governments acting like manics. I'm here to share my results with Lord surya sigil and the 9 sources of power(the old one). I've basically printed out the sigil in small 2 inch b 2 inch size and hold them between my fingers while chanting the related mantras. I can definitely feel such a huge surge of energy, its unexplainable. The best part is that one can literally feel that your being is resonating with the mantra, its like the impossible happening, and that stays atleast for an hour after the chanting is done. All the theory read about the process by which the beej mantras benefit one(by resonance) looks like coming to practice. I havent used any radionics etc. but with this practice alone I'm getting the effects plain and simple. I'm just having two doubts: how does the chanting and the resonance benefit one if the effect subsides after an hour, also, how does the Lord Surya sigil brings his blessings upon one? General questions I know but I hope to continue with these and report back more benefits.

Go ahead use it guys, these are really powerful and potent sigils.
And thank you Blaze!

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