Review for The Ascension seat sigil and review for the Chakra Charger

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Review for The Ascension seat sigil and review for the Chakra Charger

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Hi All!

For some time now I have been meaning to write a review about the Ascension seat sigil.

I have been testing this sigil ever since it was first released as I had been eagerly looking forward to it for quite some time before it was made available and I would like to state that it really is AMAZING!
In fact this sigil produces tangible results that can be measured, which in itself is really quite noteworthy for any energy creation!

What am I talking about? Well, "for starters" :lol: I have noticed that it will keep sourdough starter from molding!

Just for background,let me start by saying that I brew and grow kombucha tea at home along and with various other probiotic endeavors. One of these endeavors/projects is a 6 month old batch of sourdough starter. Since these are living organisms with a fairly fast reproductive rate living in a very watery environment, (water being as it is a liquid crystal resonates with and picks up vibrations and energies very readily) they are perfect test subjects for paper sigils and the effects of energetic influence among other things. I have tested Blazes Divine healing/fountain of youth sigil on them, the RBE mini crystal mix and a few others, with various effects and results.
However, the one that has really made me sit up and take notice is the Ascension seat sigil.

Since I have placed a print out of this wrapped around the glass gallon jar that my sourdough culture lives in, I no longer have to stir it every day to keep it from molding, in fact, it doesn't even smell anymore!
It's been a pretty warm past couple months here and normally even on colder days, I would have to stir my sourdough starter mix every day or it would begin to get mold on the top or stagnate.....not anymore, in fact as a test, I let it sit untouched for two weeks and still had no trouble with it at all!

This is AMAZING testimony to the energies that are coming out of this sigil imo! If you have ever grown sourdough starter you may know that is will mold very quickly if left unattended. After all, it's live yeast in a water and flour mix exposed to open air! Somehow, the power coming from the Ascension seat sigil is keeping it from molding! That's just so cool to me and I'm so excited to share this with the forum.

I also use the Ascension seat sigil extensively upon myself with great results, but the sourdough starter is a separate measurable organism that I can visibly observe as benefiting from the Ascension seat sigil energies!

Anyways, I could write quite a bit more about the sigil and really most of blazes sigils, but it's 1:36 am here and I don't have all night! :lol: however, I couldn't resist posting about my experiences with the effects on my sourdough starter, just thought I would let you all know. Feel free to ask any questions you'd like, I'll try to answer them when I check in again.

Additional mention: I place this sigil along with Fountain of Youth/Divine healing sigil and the Higher Vibe sigil under my fruit dryer as the fruit inside dehydrates and I have found that the fruit tastes better and makes me feel better when I do this. I also bless the fruit before hand, but I feel the Sigils make a strong enough difference that it's worth mentioning.

Also a quick update on the Chakra Charger:

This thing puts out some serious energy! When I lay down and hold it a few inches above my torso or head and move it along the length of my body there is a very noticeable pressure as if the paper itself wants to lift out of my hand away from my body, as if there is ageyser of air coming from it or something.
The energy easily penetrates through my sleep clothes, when I use it, it feels like someone is running a very soft broom or brush over my skin. I always get this effect, it never seems to fade, or quit being strongly noticeable!
Not only that but it seems to boost the effects of most other paper sigil creations when I direct their effects upon myself.
It's a great way to wake up in the morning! In fact, I now keep a laminated copy by my bed to help me wake up in the morning along with two of the laminated Dan-tien chargers! I don't think I can overstate how strongly I get the impression that the Chakra Charger is definitely a really POWERFUL creation!
It has produced some of the strongest, most palpable, personally experienced/felt bodily effects I have felt to date when used on a continual basis. I don't think I have even scratched the surface of this sigil yet, I think it has alot left to offer that hasn't yet been investigated. (Besides just chakra work.) Either way, it's another winner! THIS IS GREAT STUFF BLAZE! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

Honestly, whatever You are working with here Blaze, you've really tapped into something! Your stuff just keep getting better and better! It's truly remarkable!!!

To everyone else on this forum, I encourage you to post your experiences as well! Blaze makes these items available for free and sharing our experiences is the least we can do to show our appreciation!
However, If that's not enough, I should also mention that I have it on good authority that Blaze usually waits for reviews from people before he makes upgrades to existing items or puts out new ones. So if you want him to keep doing so, let him know by taking the time to share your experiences! :)

Anyways I hope this benefits someone out there! THANK YOU again Blaze!!!
BEST of Wishes and Blessings to Everyone here on the forum! Cheers! ;)


P.S. it's very late at night here, or rather early in the morning, so please excuse any typos, poor grammar, or sentence structure. I hope the reviews still make enough sense to be worth reading. ;)

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Re: Review for The Ascension seat sigil and review for the Chakra Charger

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Nice review!

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