Male Enhancement Sigil Review

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Male Enhancement Sigil Review

Post by Sagemage »

Hi All,

I made a mention of this to Blaze awhile back and he said that one big problem that the Psionic Magick forum is having, is that members will tell HIM their experiences, but not take the time to post them for others to benefit from!
That being said, I realized I had better get off my bum and share some of my experiences with the forum.
His products have shown themselves to be some of the most effective sigils and printable items I have experienced and encountered in my years of testing, experimentation, and research in these areas.

When you add to that his VERY reasonable, sometimes FREE pricing for his creations, it's only fair that we stop and take a moment of our time to let the rest of the world know how his work has helped or affected us, so that we can continue to honor what is being brought forth here.

I will share more reviews in the future, but I would like to turn my attention to Blaze's Male Enhancement Sigil. you can find it here:
I have been using it for a good number of months, I'd say about 4 months at least, by carrying a laminated sigil in my back pocket with a Radionic booster V2 laminated to the back of it, both of them facing towards me.

Over that time I must say that while slow, I have seen a noticeable increase in the size of my "manhood". I really didn't have any need to try this sigil to begin with, I'm not sexually active and I was already quite blessed in that department before use of the sigil as it was.
However, being a guy, I was curious, and lets face it, a bit greedy too. It was an ego driven decision to make the purchase, but I know the guys out there will understand, lol :lol: , but I digress.
Besides carrying the sigil in my pocket, I also placed a laminated one in my bed underneath my bottom sheet.

What I discovered was something that was even more surprising than the growth factor, was that it stopped, or at least dramatically reduced the occurrence of wet dreams!

Being that I try very hard to conserve my sexual energy, and be very careful in how I use it or direct it as I am following a spiritual path that requires redirection and transmutation of the vital energies.

Suffice to say, It can be VERY frustrating to have wet dreams, especially if it is on a night or morning where I have specific energy work the next day.
Which means that a wet dream is definitely NOT something you want have happening the night before you have to use your vital energy in a much more important project.

Again, I digress, let me sum it up in a few points here: The Male enhancement Sigil:

1. Increased size both in girth and length so far over a period of 4 months approximately. It is slow progress though, so don't expect overnight transformation. Of course Blaze has already stated this in the sigils description.
2. It will cause more frequent erections and they may not always be at the most opportune times, but this is just part of the growth process, so be prepared for it.
3. it works very effectively in stopping or reducing wet dreams, at least in my case. It will take a little time spent in using the sigil before this effect is pronounced, but then it becomes quite noticeable.
4. You can carry the sigil anywhere on your person for it to effect you, or using radionic items to transmit it's influence would probably work as well, I haven't tried this.
Blaze did say that it can be slightly more effective to have the sigil close to the area of the groin, but it will work either way, it's not that big of a difference, again, I just carry it in my back pocket.

Well, I hope this review will help the forum members out there who are interested in purchasing this sigil to make an informed decision.
Thank You Blaze (And GOD) for such wonderful, affordable, tools that you so generously make available to your customers and fellow travelers/enthusiasts! :D

Best Wishes and Blessings to All! :)


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Re: Male Enhancement Sigil Review

Post by LiquidlogiK »

Good review! Thanks for putting a little bit life to this new forum :D
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Re: Male Enhancement Sigil Review

Post by Milamber »

Thanks for the review. I saw that sigil a few months ago and was wondering about it. I'll put that on my list to get soon and hopefully post a review myself in a few months.

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Re: Male Enhancement Sigil Review

Post by Fogger »

I'm glad I took the time to come across this review. Thanks a lot!

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Re: Male Enhancement Sigil Review

Post by madladboris »

The day I received this I got it printed and laminated and slept while keeping it in the side pocket of pyjama, after an hour or two(around 2 AM) I came while in a semi awake state. I've been on a spiritual path and no overt sexual thoughts. This one definitely feels powerful, just have to maintain consistency and keep my might away from any sexual stuff.

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