Sigils for Making Planetary and Elemental Anointing Oils

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Sigils for Making Planetary and Elemental Anointing Oils

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Contained within the pdf is a collection of 11 sigils that can be used to make anointing oils and 1 additional bonus sigil.

These sigils are meant for the more traditional practitioner, they can be used to anoint things like candles or applied to a person wanting to attract the properties of a specific planet or element.

7 sigils for making planetary anointing oils.

4 sigils for making Elemental anointing oils.

1 bonus sigil:
This is 1 of my personal sigils.
It is used to maximize the body’s energy field and boost thought power, the effect of the sigil lasts only for a few minutes after initiation.

Instructions for use is included in the pdf.

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Re: Sigils for Making Planetary and Elemental Anointing Oils

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I told Blaze that I would post the answers to questions that he gave me so that he didn't need to answer them again, or multiple times, so below there are the answers to an email I sent him inquiring about these planetary oils:

Hi Blaze I just saw your new product, Sigils for making Planetary and Elemental oils!

Q: These sigils sound really interesting! Can these be used to charge talismans too?

A: I don't advise it, the sigils aren't that strong and the charge fades with time, like with the oil you would attach it to the bottle to maintain an optimal charge.

Q: Will they work when a planet is retrograde? For instance, mercury is retrograde and I would like to create an oil that will help counter it's effects.

A: Yes, the state of the planet is irrelevant. It also won't counter retrograde, it's more like they cancel each other out.

Q: can these be used to create a combination item? That is, for example a mix of Sun and Moon?
you will have to make the individual oils, to combine them you would for example do so when applying it.

One more mention, I asked if molten metal or something going from liquid to solid state would hold these energies.

A: Since the metal will be in a malleable state, Its more likely to permanently bond with the energy upon setting

This means it would work for epoxy too, so it might be an ideal way to "flavor" orgonite.

Lastly, it goes without saying that these can be boosted with the boosters, so you should be able to reach whatever level of strength you wish. I hope this helps those who are thinking about working with these sigils!

Best of Wishes and Blessings!

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