The BrainWave Amplifier

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The BrainWave Amplifier

Post by Blaze.ChaosMG »

The BrainWave Amplifier.jpg
So what does it do?

Put simply, it amplifies the thoughts of its operator.

What does that mean exactly?

Well, I think an example is in order.

In the example we will call the human body a battery and the
mind a transmitter.

When you transmit your thoughts, the output is relative to
the energy of the battery and the longer you transmit the weaker the battery
becomes, now this is a very special battery that can be boosted before
transmission to output a stronger signal and of course it can be recharged but
this puts a lot of strain on the battery and also takes time which can become
quite inconvenient, this is where the amplifier comes in. It takes your initial
input and enhances it by first capturing your thoughts and combining it with
the energy and programming of the amplifier to create a more consistent
transmission with a much higher gain output.

I am notoriously bad at explaining things, so I hope
everyone understands that explanation. That is the best explanation I could
come up with but it really doesn’t do the amplifier justice, those who uses it
will know why.

The Amplifier uses a combination of energy forms, geometric
shapes and programming to form a very potent tool that can be useful to any
practitioner of the etheric arts.

How do I use it?

The most basic method is to print it out, have it laminated
or placed in a protective sheet.

Printing: The device is meant to be printed in A3 because
your hands will be resting on it, if you can only print A4, that’s still fine
but depending on the size of your hands may be a little uncomfortable.

Once the device is in front of you, there are 2 labels for
your left hand and right hand, place your hands in the centre of the pattern
and then you simply think.

Additional examples in pdf.

An additional jpeg of the BrainWave Amplifier will be emailed to you (it has a higher image quality than the pdf).

NB: When using the device, be careful what thoughts goes
through your mind because the device will amplify all of them. GOOD OR BAD.
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Re: The BrainWave Amplifier

Post by Magic Mike »

Anyone have reviews for this product? Sounds powerful for remote influence/psychic seduction

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Re: The BrainWave Amplifier

Post by Garathuul »

1:I have not seen this product, but will it work if we print separately parts of it when we place left and right hands? like on separate pieces of paper for each hand.

2:This question is about your profucts in general, not only this one: do they need to be printed in color to work? or is black and white fine?

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Re: The BrainWave Amplifier

Post by Blaze.ChaosMG »

1. No, it has to be printed as is.
2. Color or black and white is fine.

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