Scutoids and Radionics

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Scutoids and Radionics

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"We have unlocked the solution of nature to achieve efficient epithelial flexion"
"Scutoid is the geometric solution for the three-dimensional packaging of epithelia”

The epithelium is a tissue that lines the cavities and structural surfaces throughout the body. As an embryo develops, the tissues bend into complex three-dimensional shapes that lead to the organs. The epithelial cells are precisely the building blocks of this process that form, for example, the outer layer of the skin and coat the blood vessels and organs of all animals.
As such, this epithelial tissue is made up of millions and millions of these tiny cells. These cells come together hermetically.

Until now scientists had assumed that these cell units could take the form of columns, pyramids or prisms of different sizes to group and form the materials needed by the body, but an international team of scientists led by the expert in biology Luis Escudero of the University of Seville (Spain) has discovered that this model does not correspond to the organization of the cells in the epithelial tissues in the light of the microscope, identifying a new geometric shape in the process.

They discovered that, during tissue flexion, epithelial cells adopt a previously undescribed shape that allows cells to minimize energy use and maximize binding stability. They have called this new formscutoid, "a geometric solution for the three-dimensional packaging of the epithelia".
The epithelial cells are basic pieces in the construction of the human body. They represent the key element to understand how from a tiny embryo the tissues of our body are extended in three dimensions to model the skin, blood vessels and organs.
Placed in alternating position some on others, the scutoids allow occupying CURVED SURFACES!!!

In radionics we can use different geometric shapes in our "trend plates" and we are able to measure that it causes a reaction in the result. An example of that are the "Platonic Solid" …when we broadcast them in our trend plate they increase the energy of what we are working on (target). It could be to ourselves or to some other objective.

When we use the "scutoids" we will energetically enhance the physical body. But where the scutoid works wonderfully is over the emotional body, that is, all issues related to emotions such as sadness, fear, depression, aggressiveness, etc.

There are several ways we could use the “scutoids”:

1) Add an image of an “scutoid” on your “trend plate” together with some affirmation.
Here is an image you could try: Image

2) Download a video that has an “scutoid” and loop it. Use a radionic software that allows images and use it to potentize the “trend” that you are working on.
Here is an video you could try:

3) If you have a 3D printer then create an “scutoid” and add this form on your “trend plate”.
Here are the files that you could add to your printer:

Until the Radionic Genius don’t come with a new product based on this new discovery we can develop little things to get a better life. I hope Blaze can see this information, try it and create a new product since I think this information is invaluable to everyone.

Here is a video that you can dig more about it:

I hope all of you like it.
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