Palpable feedback from Audio field/talimans

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Palpable feedback from Audio field/talimans

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I have had a couple of experience where I had what I believe were psi energy overloads from Audio files I was exposed to for too long.

The first was from Sapien Med (Dreamweaver) patreon site. It costs $4.50 a month and new files are added regularly.

The one I had overload with was an experimental audio called "The_Super_Human_Mutant". I had it playing and fell asleep for about 2 or 3 hours. When I woke I had a very unsettling feeling similar to the "chi burn" I experienced with a Weltz Chi Gen machine I mentioned in another post. This absolutely wasted me for the rest of the day, not a pleasant feeling at all.

My second experience was with a free Audio from Seductionflow. It is a free booster audio to enhance other audios I have of theirs.
Its called "1000x SMF's Mp3s and Audio Talismans Booster". You can get it here if you want to see if you can feel anything. ... ?f=12&t=30

This was not as intense as I only used it for about one hour but I did need to lie down for a bit afterwards.

Another Sapien med audio gave me an interesting experience which I will report on if I can repeat it again, but past experience tells me you do seem to get used to these energies and can tolerate them more easily with more use.

Anyway it is interesting to get such effects from playing an audio file. So if anyone wants to try for themselves and add your experience if any please do.


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