Phantom caster rbe advAnced experiments

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Phantom caster rbe advAnced experiments

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After a long while I’ve enjoyed playing around with symbolic machines. Over the course of these past few months I’ve developed an engregore which evolved from a Servitor with lots of hard work. I use servitors in the radionic trend plates and this egregore I have functions on the quantum level and helped me perfect my tech

I also did a wild experiment but I managed to add one weapon of manifestation

I added the empowerment of Odin by his permission
I also added empowerment of the infernal by Lucifer
And Babylon gods and goddesses

Creating a portal to each realm to make manifestations happen
Im also an occultist but I’ve have a special gift of connecting to all gods and goddesses
And as a conjuror of spirits and entities
This has given me a lot of boost in my chaos magick ability

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