ROUND, FLAT OR CONVEX...Are we ready to Open Up?

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ROUND, FLAT OR CONVEX...Are we ready to Open Up?

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Hi Everyone,

I've been thinking and rethinking about whether or not to share this information here. After much reasoning I decided to do it. If we are people who have an open mind to accept Radionics, Oracles, Sigils, Spirits, Entities, Extra Terrestrials and Gods, then we are also capable of accepting many other new proposals!

As always, new ideas always cause fury and breakdown of mental structures, but they are always liberating!

Have an open mind and prepare yourself for a great journey that will lead you to an enlightening adventure! Allow yourself to descend through the Alicia's rabbit hole. I already know that the video is a bit long, but the results will surely shake up each one of you !!!!

I still have a hard time to accept, because of my own limited "prejudices"...however the argument: "I do not believe because I do not believe," is an unacceptable argument! Now, the arguments presented in this video are hard to refute!

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